Angepinnt Server Rules Exile Server

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    • Server Rules Exile Server

      Server Rules:

      - Hacking, Duping,Glitching and Bugusing is not allowed.
      - Combat loggin is not allowed
      - Advertising is not allowed.
      - Stealing names or clantags is not allowed.
      - don't speak on Side Channel.

      Trader / Safe Zone Rules:

      - Stealing Cars or Equipment in Safezones is not allowed
      - VDM in Safezones is not allowed
      - This rules are only for Safezones with a black circle
      - Trolling in Safezones is not allowed
      - Safezone camping is not allowed but meeting other players near the safezone isnt impossible.
      - Parking of Cars / Air / and boats in the Trader Zone and then log out is forbidden!
      - Player killing in the SafeZone is forbidden!
      - There is no protection against zombies in the Trader Zone
      - Cars / Air's are unlock in the Save / Trader Zone after Server Restart !!!

      Basebau Rules:

      - Dont build on Lootplaces.
      - Dont block the Traders.
      - Dont camp the Safezone and Traders.
      - Every Base must have a Door or another Entrance.
      - Fyling Bases are not allowed.
      - The Base must be Raidable.
      - Dont place the Flag inside any Objects.
      - Maximum 2 Bases per Family

      Baseraid Rules:

      - Baseraiding is allowed!! also if the owner is offline
      - Destroying everything is not allowed!
      - Glitching and Bugusing is not allowed!